10 Best iPhone GPS Apps for Drivers

iPhone GPS apps have quickly replaced one trick pony personal navigation devices. People still buy PNDs but that market does not have as much juice as it did years ago. In fact, many players in this industry have shifted their focus to mobile applications to grow their business (or stop the bleeding). Garmin, Magellan, and TomTom are just a few well-known companies that have gotten involved in the mobile app business (iOS & Android).


Most high-end smartphone owners expect their phones to offer maps and turn-by-turn directions. Many of them rely on free solutions by companies such as Google to find their way around. There are plenty of premium solutions available for iPhone as well. Some of those offer helpful features such as free map updates, live traffic, lane assistance, and more. Clear instructions, safety features, route planning, and local information are some of the features consumers expect to get from their favorite GPS solution. If you are planning to use your iPhone or iPad to get around your city, you do not want to miss these 10 iPhone GPS applications:

1. Magellan RoadMate: Magellan RoadMate offers text to speech, 3D buildings, lane assistance, and in app music control. You get real-time red light and fixed speed camera alerts to avoid tickets. Multiple voice options, life time traffic and maps, and local search features are also available. We would love to see the app get updates more often though.

2. TomTom for iPhone: TomTom for iPhone has a lot of potential. TomTom has gone out of its way to bring its technology to iOS. You get TomTom’s offline maps, free lifetime map updates, daily map changes, IQ routes, multi-stop routing, 2D/3D driving view, lane guidance, and a whole lot more.

3. Garmin USA: Garmin’s first iPhone app had some shortcomings (the app has already been removed from the App Store). Garmin USA has been improved in many areas though. It includes offline maps, turn by turn directions (voice prompted), 3D landmarks, lane assist feature, and speed limit alerts. You can create routes with multiple stops.

4. Waze: Waze is quite a unique social navigation app for iPhone. It provides you with community generated real-time traffic and road alerts. It learns from you and can even change your route as conditions on the road change. Facebook integration, live maps, and cheap gas finder features are available.

5. Google Maps: Google Maps knows how to get you to your destination. The app offers voice guided, turn-by-turn driving directions. You can view 360 degree panoramas of places around the globe and find businesses all around you using Google Local Search. If you are tired of Apple Maps, Google Maps may be worth checking out.

6. MotionX GPS Drive: MotionX GPS Drive has been consistently one of the best apps in this category. It has a great reputation. It offers up-to-date maps and predictive traffic-based routing. Multi-stop routing is supported too. Gives you a lot of value for your money.

7. Scout GPS: Scout provides you with personalized navigation on your smartphone. You get voice-guided, turn by turn navigation with cheap gas finder, traffic data, and recent trips tracking. You can share your ETA with your friends and colleagues from this app.

8. CoPilot Live Premium: CoPilot Live is a universal navigation application that works on all iPhones and the latest iPads. It offers offline maps with free updates. Live traffic service is included (for 12 months). This app is integrated with Wikipedia, Yelp, and Google Local Search to offer you the best local information possible. Plenty of awesome paid add-ons are included for it as well.

9. MapQuest: MapQuest does not need any introduction. It’s a free navigation solution that provides you with directions and speaks them to you on the road. Find Me and Auto-Reroute features are nice to have. You get road information every 5 minutes. Another decent free option for iPhone users.

10. GPS Navigation 2 – skobbler: Skobbler is a hybrid online/offline application with on-demand maps. It is powered by OpenStreetMap. It is pretty affordable.


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