10 mysterious photographs that have no explanation. This will definitely leave you puzzled

before George Eastman’s innovations and improvements have allowed us access to easy photography back then in the 1880’s, life could be pretty different.
Easman’s company, Eastman Kodak, have enabled humanity to share information, experiences and outlooks long before the coming of Instagram.
In the Pre-Mass Photograpy world, sight was a uniquely personal phenomenon. if you wanted to share your experience, you had to narrate it.
today, all you need to do is take a photo, which grant a flavour of truth to a story that explaining does not. we wouldbe all more inclined to believe a crazy story, if we have pictures (unedited ones) to go along with it.
back then, detailing your vision of what is shown the photos below, for example, would have branded you crazy, or saint. but the truth of it will depend on people deciding to believe you, and not abject, objective truth that exists without you. these photos are still mysteries, but we know at least they are Real.