16 celebrities photo recreations that put the Original to shame

The Kardashian’s are some of the most popular celebs in Hollywood right now, and they have been a part of some seriously fashionable photoshoots. To recreate this photo would require a bit of stuffing and a lot of determination on Liam’s part, but by God he went and did it. Liam definitely went the extra mile to mimic these fashionable sisters’ clothes! He pulled off two separate pictures and nailed the look on both, and Liam even nailed the perfect blank, hollow stare in each of their faces: perfection!

Liam posted this to celebrate a follower milestone on his Instagram, and he didn’t hold back in mimicking Cara Delevingne’s pose, he even painted his nails and put on makeup in order to perfectly capture her sultry vibe! From the eyebrows to the bath water, Liam’s acing this game like a total boss! If Liam had some Photoshop, I’m sure he would be able to perfectly transform into Cara with just a few clicks; that’s actually kind of terrifying when you think about it. Is Liam that good or are celebs that shopped?

I wish I was half as creative as this guy is. The “bad” ring alone, sets off the whole look in this photograph re-creation. Why spend all your money on a gold ring when you can just make one out of aluminum foil? I’m not sure quite how he does it, but Liam really manages to nail the desperation in this pic as well; you can really feel the “I’m fashionable, look at my pose!” in his recreation. Lana del Ray has had a few songs about beauty, but “Young and Beautiful” doesn’t even describe how amazing Liam is here, although it’s a start.

This could definitely pass as a costume for The Hunger Games, at least for one of the extras.  Liam’s tattoo may be temporary, but we think this look should be a permanent addition to his wardrobe. Did Liam just have a bunch of fake butterflies already hiding about his house? What about the fake butterfly tattoos? I’m beginning to think that Liam is a butterfly fanatic, and this costume is only an excuse to get out there. You do you, Liam. We will never judge.

Some stars have such a unique look that even the simplest incorrect details can throw off an impersonator; there are no missing details here, as Liam’s appearance completely nails the look of Minaj, especially her rear. The look of that butt on Nicki is unmistakable, although it’s about as real as Liam’s re-creation. Liam’s attention to detail is impressive, even going so far as to even nail the backdrop, and I’m sure he’ll be a star in no time at all with this persistence. Let’s hope that Hollywood doesn’t ruin Liam like it has so many natural beauties.

Now this is what I call excellent cosplay Liam has Rihanna down to the pose, and he even has the exact same top, which I’m not sure is weird or an extreme attention to detail, but who cares because it’s just too perfect! Liam may end up looking like a drag queen, but I’m sure he doesn’t mind since he pads all his bras with the money he makes, and you know the b*tches better have his money. Just don’t let Rihanna know he pulls off that top better than she does because something tells me she would be pretty upset.

Is imitating Justin Bieber pathetic or awesome? Either way, Liam outdid himself with this double trouble photo shoot. It must have taken him hours to doodle those tattoos and abs on himself! Look at how Liam perfectly encapsulates the lameness of Bieber, and the fierceness of his female companion. Liam is an artist, and the camera is his brush while the markers are his sculpting tool. Calvin Klein should have hired the real talent here, but I’m sure it would have been too expensive over Bieber.

As a man, pulling off a convincing womanly appearance can be extremely difficult, especially when the woman you are imitating is one of the hottest young celebrities out there. It is completely understandable that Liam doesn’t have the right curves to pull off some of his more feminine recreations, but thankfully, he has culinary creations like Eggo waffles on his side to make up for everything he doesn’t have. Liam would say to leggo his Eggo, but they are practically falling out of his top already.

Iggy Azalea has gotten a lot of flack during her career for her appearance, even going so far as to compare her to one of the main characters from the click, “White Girls.” Despite what people have said about Azalea’s unique look, Liam completely matched her in every way with this amazing interpretation: the resemblance is uncanny! I don’t know what Liam used to pad his thighs, but he nailed Iggy’s hips, although he would have been perfect if he used pink lipstick, but I’m not complaining since I’m a red lipstick guy myself.

Liam really knows how to make for a great Nicki Minaj, but what’s that on his head? Cotton candy? An old pink rug? What exactly is Liam using on his chest for cleavage, anyway? Potatoes? Bread rolls? Who knows! It doesn’t matter what Liam uses in his Nicki cosplay perfection, but whatever it is he really sells it. If Nicki ever needs to hire a professional impersonator to escape the paparazzi or to perform in her stead, she knows exactly who she can call. Ghostbu-I mean, Liam Martin!

Ariana grande is a peculiar celeb in the fact that she looks about 10 years younger than she actually is, but despite that youthful oddity, Liam still managed to pull of an incredibly close look. Of course nobody in the real world can afford a Moschino iPhone case, but Liam finds a way to make it work! After Martin is done with this shoot, he can have a delicious snack, and collect his check from McDonalds. I’m beginning to wonder if Liam is some sort of shapeshifter.

This is one of Liam’s more elaborate recreations. To pull off Katy Perry’s Dark Horse look, Martin had to become an Egyptian goddess. I wonder if that’s candy in Liam’s hoo, and on his teeth. This is clearly a man who puts tons of pride into his work, and Martin clearly put a ton of effort in to this; so much effort in fact, that I wonder if he was Perry’s stand in during the music video. Liam could probably be someone’s Aphrodite some day, if they ask, hell, he could probably be an actual horse with his extreme morphing skills!

It’s the return of the balloon butt! Recreating a scene from the Anaconda music video is no simple task, the first thing you have to do is acquire gym equipment, and then you have to actually take it out of the box! Liam is totally rocking Nicki’s look here: he has assembled all the necessary gym equipment, and even perfected the rubber rump. Assembling Nicki Minaj’s ass seems like it’s actually the easiest thing to assemble in this picture; maybe an inflatable butt really is the best way to go if you need buns, hun.

Taylor Swift’s long lost twin sister? Nah, it’s just Liam Martin, folks. Who knew that pasta noodles could double as a wig? Well, aside from angel-hair. The superb use of supper in this picture just goes to show you the artistic depth that Martin is willing to employ to truly capture the spirit of his subject, that or he just had to use what was lying around in the kitchen at the last moment, but who really cares how it is made? Besides, the noodles are a spot on look for Becky.

Liam’s take on Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent is a thing of beauty or should I say Angeliam Jolie as Maliamfacent? Another one of Liam’s best recreations and you just know that he had fun with this one: that garbage bag use is not only an excellent prop, but a wonderful metaphor for just how bad many of Jolie’s movies are. Now the question will be: who wore it better? Liam, Angelina Jolie, or 50 Cent? From where we are standing, it just has to be Liam. Keep it up kid, you’re going places.

Our last post comes in like an exercise ball and we aren’t disappointed. This recreation may not have taken the most effort, but my goodness it’s just amazing. As usual, Liam has perfectly captured the ridiculousness of his subject, and this time it’s the bad girl herself, Miley Cyrus. Miley has done a pretty decent job redefining herself as a nonsensical party girl, but Liam takes all the wind out of her sails by revealing just how desperate she appears.

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