8. Riverbed Cinema For Dokufest In Prizren, Kosovo

19 of the most amazing Cinemas around the World

Going to see a live show or movie has been a tradition for as far back as mankind can remember. In 1895, the first movie theater ever opened its doors, it was called The Berlin Wintergarten Theater. Long before film hit mainstream entertainment, people attended live shows with the actors and actresses standing right before their very eyes. Today we have the option to see a live performance or a filmed flick, either way the place you enjoy a show can alter the overall experience.

Most people go to see movies at regular cinemas where they buy overpriced popcorn and sit in one of many rows of chairs equipped with cup holders and arm rests. If this bores you beyond tears, you’re not alone. Hence why some of the cinemas around the world have decided to mix things up, creating a theater that provides an experience as compelling as the show rolling on the big screen, or stage.

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