Wednesday , 26 April 2017

2 Girls Are Performing ‘Kiss’ By Prince On The Subway. Then a Surprise Guest Jumps In!

The news of the death of the brilliant artist Prince, at only 57, shook the world on April 21st.  His musical contribution stands with the greats, and will live on to continue to give his most appreciative fans consolation and musical delight.

Coincidentally, two of his fans who were riding on a subway train in Frankfurt, Germany, spontaneously burst into Prince’s song “Kiss”, only two days before his tragic demise.  The Danish news channel TV 2, reported that these girls, Anna Gunder and Heidi Joubert started to jam, exhibiting enthusiastic talent that electrified the other passengers.

Amazingly, a passenger sitting across from them a few rows away, suddenly joined in, providing harmony and yet another great voice.  The three jammed, as if they had been singing together for years, creating a performance that had the whole train wildly cheering!  As you watch this amazing footage in the video below, you will understand why it has had millions of views on  Facebook and YouTube.

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