5 Chess Tactics Apps for iPhone

There are plenty of awesome chess engines and puzzle apps available for iPhone andiPad. Playing and losing against strong chess engines is not always the best way to improve your game. You need to study chess tactics as well. These 5 chess tactics apps can take your chess game to the next level:

Chess Pro with Coach: a powerful chess app that provides you with coaching as you play the game. It has 50 trainer levels.


SmallFish for Stockfish: Stockfish is one of the best chess engines around. This app gives you access to a very strong chess engine, but it also lets you see how the engine thinks, so you can learn a thing or two.

chess tactics

Chess Tactics Pro: this tactic trainer provides you with daily puzzles to improve your game. It has easy to advanced (2000+ ELO) puzzles.

Chess Problems by World Champions: has plenty of interactive puzzles from mate-in-2 to mate-in-17 moves to challenge you and improve your skills.


Chess.com: it has puzzles, interactive lessons, and videos to improve your game. You can also use it to challenge and chat with your friends and play real-time blitz.

What are your favorite chess tactic trainers for iPhone &  iPad? Please share them here.

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