7 Selfie Lights for iPhone or iPad

Many of us use smartphones or tablets to capture selfies everywhere you go. You are going to need proper lighting to capture better photos. These 7 selfie lights for smartphones and tablets can help:

  • Lumee Illuminated Case: this is an iPhone case that lets you capture better selfies at night. You can dim the light using a dimmer switch.
  • Chatlight: a rechargeable light for smartphones and tablets. It has two brightness settings and lasts up to 120 minutes on a full charge.
  • Lelux: a light up iPhone case with front and back LED lighting and a rechargeable battery. Its LED lights are dimmable.
  • Moon: a portable selfie light for your smartphones that lets you take better videos at night. It clips onto your phone and offers a gentle light.
  • Cyxus Mini Spotlight: a portable LED flashlight for smartphones. It has 9 LEDs and reaches 160lm brightness.
  • DHphoto Selfie Ring Light: a small and lightweight ring light to use with your smartphone. It has 3 brightness levels.
  • Panda: this case has 18 dimmable LEDs to enhance your selfies and videos. It has front and rear lighting.

Have you found better selfie lights for smartphones or tablets? Please share them here.

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