802 HP Audi S8 MTM Talladega R- Acceleration Autobahn & Sound

POV 802 HP Audi S8 MTM Talladega R– Acceleration Autobahn & Sound, this car is meant to be a beast on roads, MTM did a very good job to boost this car to 802hp, watch the video to see more details of the car.

Upgrade from 722 hp to 802 hp. Like S8 Talladega 722 hp, but with: – MTM turbo 802 hp – MTM downpipe – MTM gearbox update

Criterion MTM Series
max. performance kW/Umin 590 / 6000 382 / 6000
max. torque Nm/Umin 945 / 1750-5500 (begrenzt) 650 / 1700-5500
v-max 305 / 325 km/h 250 km/h
0-100 km/h 3,1 s 4,1 s
0-200 km/h 9,9 s

Information for upgraded engines: reduction of fuel consumption up to 20% at the same level of consistent driving depending on vehicle type. Please note that we strongly recommend super plus fuel with min. 98 ROZ for upgraded petrol engines (with 95 ROZ only partial load driving). No biodiesel for diesel engines.

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