9 Horror Movies Based on True Stories

Knowing a movie we are watching is based on real-life events can always make the movie more appealing to us and interesting. When it comes to horror movies, well, it makes things a lot more horrifying and scary.

1. Open Water

This one is pretty obvious, but still. It was based on a shark attack on two American tourists.

This video you can see above.

2. The Conjuring

A very similar story (also with a family named the Parrons)  was reported by real-life investigators of paranormal activity.

3. The Blob

There was actually s real phenomenon in NYC where multiple NYPD officers ran into into this gooey substance. The Blob is based on that!

4. Psycho

A real life murdered named Ed Gein is actually the base for Norman.

5. The Exorcist

An article about exorcisms that took place in 1949 was actually ran by The Washington Post.

6. The Amyityville Horror

Paranormal, strange events recorded by the Lutz family were compiled to a book, and this movie is based on that same book.

7. Nightmare on Elmstreet

Refugees dying in their sleep is the subject of some newspaper article this movie was based on.

8. Child’s Play

There were reports of evil happenings by an unlucky family. Their child (Eugene) was given the doll.

9. The Girl Next Door

We’d rather think it’s a made up one, but unfortunately, this isn’t. It is based

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