According To A Recent Study, Only 4 Of Your Facebook Friends Actually Care About You

Regardless of your friend count on Facebook, only around four of them actually care about you, according to a recent study released by the Oxford University.

Officials with Oxford suggest the average Facebook user has only 14 “close” friends among their connections on the social platform, and only four of those can be relied upon in times of crisis.

Researchers said the latter group was consistent across all ages and friend amounts. They relied on the 14 others for “sympathy”. The study, authored by Oxford psychologist Robin Dunbar, analysed a survey of 3,375 Facebook users in the United Kingdom.

Those with large friend lists, mostly young people and women, did not report having more friends in general.

According to Dunbar’s previous research, the amount of “close” friends Facebook users identified is pretty comparable to their real-life clique.