After being refused inside a restaurant, this homeless man returns driving a Ferrari

Josh Lin Parker, a southern California filmmaker, became famous for the pranks and social experiments he posted on his YouTube channel. Recently, Josh wanted to prove that people are quick to judge others based on the appearance. Although, this topic has been discussed before, Josh wanted to see hoe homeless people would be treated in a fancy restaurant.

In this video, Josh disguised himself as a homeless man and went to several restaurants- asking if he could be seated inside. Most restaurant staff either refused to let Josh enter or directed him to a “cheaper” place – even though he told the he had the means to pay.

An hour later Josh came back, this time he was driving a sleek black Ferrari and asked one of the guys who nonchalantly dismissed him if he recognized him. The man’s treatment toward him changed completely.

Watch the staff’s reaction when Josh returns with his Ferrari and let us know what you think about this video in the comment section below.

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