An Amazing Packing Hack Everyone Should Know!

Packing for trips often cause people anxiety, especially “over packers” who fear they won’t have everything they need, and have to keep eliminating things they want to bring on vacation.  While the video you are about to watch may not satisfy the really out-of-control “over packers”, a woman on Facebook posted her technique for packing clothes in a carry-on suitcase, that ended the packing debate between the merits of “folding vs. rolling”.

With well over 17 million views to date, her travel hack has definitely struck a chord, for those seeking the most efficient way to utilize suitcase space.  The concise footage below illustrates her exact packing method, that has caused such a sensation throughout the world.

Her method will allow you to increase your outfit options, allowing for differing weather volatility, and all the other things that make packing crazy-making.  Her technique can certainly be used in full-sized suitcases as well.  She takes out all the clothes she wants to take on vacation, and lays them on a flat surface.  She starts by laying a long-sleeve shirt down flat on it’s back, and then the next shirt goes in the opposite direction…pay close attention to watch she does with each subsequent arm.  Then come the pants which fit in a certain way in alternating directions, and she creates a periphery that leaves a middle section for socks, underwear, and whatever you need to complete your packing.  I have to say I am really impressed!

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