An iPhone 6S is on sale for 33$!

If you shelled out 831$ for the new iPhone 6S, you might feel a little dismayed to learn that people in China are walking around with something that looks exactly the same. Except they only paid 33$ for it.

Of course, it isn’t the same thing. Though it resembles the iPhone in look and feel, the similarities end there. The Chinese version, made by the Fruit Company (that’s really their name), is nowhere near as powerful as the real 6S and runs a modified Android operating system, not iOS.

Unlike the Apple version it has no 3D touch nor Live Photos.

Fake tech is a big industry in China. In the southern town of Shenzhen there are no less 29 mock Apple stores complete with the iconic logo and staff in blue t-shirts wearing Apple ID necklaces. Supposedly, some of the staff who work at these stores have no idea they’re not working for Apple.


Apple have remained relatively quiet on this phenomenon, and some analysts have speculated that the brand awareness the fake stores promote is good for the company.

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