Best Christmas light show ever!

In a time when our world is filled with so much violence, we can all use something cheerful and light during this holiday season.  I just love driving along and seeing beautiful decorations and lights everywhere.

Some people are so excited to start their Christmas decorating that they began before Thanksgiving.  Such was the case for the family, who created a “masterpiece” of a Christmas light display, in their suburban home in Texas.

You are about to be delighted by footage of their amazing creation in the video below.   Sit back and enjoy this extravaganza, set to the Disney song “Let It Go” from Frozen.  To save on their electrical bill, they were smart and used LED lights that keeps their cost down and is environmentally friendly.

One of the really unique and funky things about the Christmas show that you will see, is a cactus in the middle of the display!  The family said they “can get away with it” because they live in Texas.  Agreed!  Let us know if you enjoyed this light show as much as we did.  It made my day!

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