COMET: World’s First Floating Smartphone

Introducing Comet, the world’s first super smartphone that floats in water. Comet is an Android powered super smartphone with latest in technology, high speed processor and elegant design.

With Comet, you will never lose your smartphone or data stored in it simply because you dropped it in water. Live the moment, enjoy the beauty of water without the panic of losing your smartphone.


82.5 million Smartphones have been damaged by water and more are lost in restrooms, pools, beaches and oceans. Comet is destined to end this problem for the water savvy lifestyles. Comet floats on water and is IPx7 water-resistant. It floats on water and will resist water like no other smartphone. In fact you can take Comet with you while you swim or enjoy surfing on the beach.
Our current working model can be seen floating in water (This a prototype and final product design will not be the same see below).


Comet supports a wide band LTE/GSM ranges, making it usable worldwide. Comet will work with most operators including but not limited to T-mobile, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and more. Comet is an unlocked smartohone, so there is no contract, monthly fees or restrictions on your freedom to use it with any provider.
Comet is endorsed by many popular celebrities, experts and athletes. Comet solves a real life problem that most of us face day to day and has gained major attention of technology experts worldwide. See many of the endorsements below:
Daily Mail: ” A number of waterproof handsets have been released to solve this problem, but Comet takes it to the next level.”
INC 42: ” This smartphone is seemingly the answer to ‘What lies beyond water resistant smartphones?’ ”
Reuters: “A phone that swims with you”.

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