Creepy new Trend of gamers ‘Virtually Raping’ eachother

Grand Theft Auto players are now able to ‘virtually rape’ each other by rewriting the games code.

Several players of the game have described how another player who have hacked the code will approach them, lock themselves to their characters and initiate pelvic thrust animations from which there is no escape.The videos are then uploaded onto YouTube.

One victim’s account of what happened was posted to Reddit, they said:

“He would run up to you, slowly and sensually butt plug you. Then when he was done, he would be stuck behind you no matter what. After, you would begin to strip on an invisible poll, almost as though his man meat just made you want to dance!”

This gaming blogger (video below) claimed to have been virtually raped while playing the games, and was so appalled she has stopped playing altogether.

Critics of the video below claimed that it was blown out of proportion, where as others have labelled the trend as ‘disturbing’ and said it must be stopped immediately.

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