Dog buried alive rescued after two days of barking


A pregnant dog buried alive for two days in Russia was rescued after a man passing by heard her frantic barking.

The pooch, Belka, was a stray that had wandered into a sinkhole that had been open for three weeks, the dog-saver, Vadim Rustam said. While Belka was inside the hole, Voronezh housing authorities patched up the pit on Sept. 18, not realizing there was a dog inside.

On Sept. 21, Vadim Rustam, a resident at the building, said he kept hearing a dog’s whining and barking, but didn’t know where it was coming from. When he realized it was coming from underground, he asked city officials to help rescue the pregnant dog and its unborn pups.

After officials refused to dig another hole to save the soon-to-be mother pooch, Rustam decided to do it himself. Belka had been trapped in the hole for two days without any food and water.

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