Father Attacks Daughter’s Killer in Court

An incredible moment has transpired in a Cleveland courtroom, as a father tried to attack his daughter’s killer. Michael Madison had been sentenced to death after being convicted last month for the rape and murder of three women, Angela Deskins, Shetisha Sheeley and Terry.

At the sentencing, just minutes after the judge handed down the death penalty, Shirellda’s father, Van Terry, stepped to the podium to make a statement.

“I guess we are supposed to find it in our hearts to forgive this clown… who has taken my child.”

He then looked back and saw Madison smirking back at him – so he, completely understandably, lost control of his emotions and lunged across a table at the murderer.

The incident was reported in Cleveland.com thusly:

Panic alarms were triggered throughout the Cuyahoga County Justice Center after Van Terry, father of Shirellda Terry, turned from the podium where he was speaking, leapt across the table and grappled at Madison’s face.

Court officials and Cuyahoga County sheriff’s deputies flooded in to restrain Terry, which they eventually did, before he was removed from the courtroom.

“He was upset. He’s telling you that he lost his baby, that’s a slice of his heaven, and (Madison) is sitting over there smiling,” Van Terry’s sister, Sonya Richardson, said after the hearing.

“It’s like, enough.”

The Cuyahoga County prosecutor’s office said they hadn’t decided whether to charge Terry over the incident, but any action against him would seem – to put it mildly – incredibly stiff. He and his family suffered through a gruelling, at times gruesome two-month trial, and saw the killer of his 18-year-old daughter grinning back at him. Wouldn’t you have done the same?

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