French stadium on lockdown after reports of explosion, nearby mass shooting

Stade de France in Paris was a scene of chaos Friday night as soccer fans fled the arena after an apparent suicide bombing and reports of a mass shooting elsewhere.

“I came out of the stadium and people are crying, “They are going to shoot me! They are going to shoot me!” said Loic Tanzi, a reporter for, who was at the stadium to cover a friendly soccer match between France and Germany.

The stadium was put on lockdown after an explosion. French President Francois Hollande was at the stadium for the soccer match but was quickly evacuated, CNN reported.

Tanzi said the stadium was opened and about 1,000 people had gathered on the pitch.

“They’ve switched music on to make the atmosphere better,” he said.

The explosion appears to be part of a larger attack on Paris that included a shootout at a Paris restaurant that resulted in multiple fatalities, as well as a hostage situation at a concert venue where two American bands were playing, reports said.

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