French TGV high-speed train derails near Strasbourg

A high-speed TGV train has derailed near the eastern French city of Strasbourg, killing at least 10 people, officials say.


The crash happened during a test run in the town of Eckwersheim, on a new Paris-Strasbourg line.


The train was carrying 49 people when it derailed, caught fire, and plunged into a canal. The injured were airlifted to hospital.


The derailment was due to “excessive speed”, officials say.


Pictures showed the locomotive partly submerged. Wreckage was also scattered in a field beside the track.


Reports say the Paris-Strasbourg high-speed line is scheduled to open next year.


Junior transport minister Alain Vidalies and Ecology Minister Segolene Royal will visit the scene, French media reported.


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