Giant Dog Notices Himself In The Mirror For The First Time. Look His Reaction!

Kane the French Mastiff may look like an incredibly powerful and aggressive dog, but he’s really just a gentle, protective giant! He’s a natural when it comes to being a guard dog and this clip is proof of not only that, it shows just how adorable and handsome he also is.

The big boy happened to come across a mirror and lets just say he didn’t like what he saw. That’s because he caught sight of the reflection of himself in the glass, a sight which sent him straight into beast mode!

As soon as he was alerted to the supposed intruder, Kane growled and stared himself down with the most fierce, unrelenting gaze he could muster. His low menacing growl would make anyone think twice about taking another step and he even threw in that weird licking behavior that dogs seem to always do when they get super angry! Check him out and wait for the end of the clip, it’s the best part.

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