Giant Snake Caught

Monster snake found in Red Sea. Dead giant snake on truck responsible for eating 300 men, divers & tourist. According to a story on Facebook A monster snake of epic proportions that was responsible for the deaths of over 300 tourists and over 120 divers in the Red Sea was found and killed by a special team of Egyptian Scientists and Divers…

Images have been floating around the net showing what appears to be the carcass of what definitely has to be the world’s biggest snake.

The story circulating with the pictures claims the snake was found in the Red Sea.
They claimed the snake was over 20 feet tall and as long as 3 ½ school buses…(approx 36 feet)
The age of the beast, taken its considerable size into consideration was estimated to be over 100 years old. (2 audio takes)
Images included pictures of the dead snake on top of some kind of military transport carrier, next to some tanks, being hoisted up by a helicopter among others…


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