Guess What Was Delivered In The World’s First Self-Driving Truck By Uber

The ocean of technology has no limits! The more you uncover, the more remains were hidden. The automobile industry is changing day by day. But, can you imagine that a self-driving truck has made its virgin journey across Colorado? Can you ever think about that? Yes, the miracle has happened, and Uber’s Otto has made the world’s first shipment without a driver.

Building self-driving vehicles clearly pose a challenge that even the world’s top technology giants can’t complete. Industry heavyweights like Google, Apple, and Tesla are already working on this, but Uber’s Otto, with the help of Swedish automaker ‘Volvo’ had finally made it. The first delivery will shock you like hell!

Otto on Tuesday announced that it had partnered with Budweiser, the Great American Lager beer company and had created a milestone by completing the world’s first shipment by an 18-wheeler self-driving truck.

In partnership with Anheuser-Busch (parent company behind Budweiser), Uber’s self-driving truck division ‘Otto’ had delivered 51,744 cans of Budweiser from Fort Collins, through downtown Denver, to Colorado Springs.

According to Otto’s blog post –

“our professional driver was out of the driver’s seat for the entire 120-mile journey down I-25, monitoring the self-driving system from the sleeper berth in the back.”

Otto was founded in 2016 by Don Burnette, Lior Ron, Claire Delaunay, and Anthony Levandowski with about 90 active employees when Uber acquired it. With the help of cameras, radar, and lidar sensors fixed on the vehicle this large 18 wheeler can able to see the road.
Otto’s latest technology system regulates the braking, acceleration, and steering of the semi-trailer truck to carry the beer without any human intervention. Uber’s truck division ‘Otto’ claimed that the beer run was the world’s first commercial shipment which is done by a fully autonomous semi-trailer truck.

About 400,0000 trucks met with an accident every year, according to federal statistics which killed about 5,000 people. In almost every incident, human error is to blame. Why?
The team at Otto headquarters states that because drivers always have to choose between safety and earnings which maximum time turns their desires to met with an accident.
But, at Uber’s Otto, a company, takes cares of that while the self-driving trucks are in motion. It will also assure that driver can easily find loads and are paid fairly according to their work.

In a video, Anthony, Co-founder of Otto, said that:

“For me, the most important things computers are going to do in the next 20 years are drive trucks and cars, so it is great to be at the forefront of that,” he added.

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