He had been writing on the streets for 35 years until this woman arrived

Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho is a Brazilian ex-homeless who spent the last 35 years writing beautiful poetry and short stories on the streets. “The Conditioned” is a documentary that follows his exceptional journey throughout the years.

Raimundo would sit in his makeshift shelter day after day, writing. His dream was that some day, his work would be published, or in fact – even read by anyone.

In the spring of 2011, his life took a turn for the better, when he became friends with a woman named Shalla, who couldn’t ignore the fact that Raimundo was always scribbling on his papers with his pens and pencils, and decided to approach him.

Upon reading his work, she was amazed, and understood that she cannot overlook his raw talent. She created a Facebook page and shared his work with the entire world. Not only has he gained worldwide recognition, but someone else, that neither him or Shalla have expected, happened. Watch the documentary above!

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