He Ignored A Pain In His Toe For Months. What A Doctor Ends Up Yanking From It? HORRIFIC….


Most people have experienced an ingrown nail or toenail at some point in their lives. They’re usually painful and require some kind of procedure, even if it’s as simple as cutting back the nail yourself.
Unfortunately, this was not the case for a poor man in Brazil who was the victim of a weird natural occurrence. He had an ingrown toenail and went to the podiatrist to have it taken care of.
His podiatrist is shocked to find multiple living maggots under this man’s toenail! This is not actually as rare as it may seem. Insects like flies have a tendency to lay their eggs in open wounds in humans. The larvae was placed under the ingrown toenail and developed into full sized maggots.
The man couldn’t feel them under his toenail and never would have known they were there if the podiatrist hadn’t preformed the partial nail avulsion.

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