Here’s How Fraudsters Are Altering 10$ Bills To Look Like 50$ Ones

Although there is a huge difference between the two currency notes, people have still gotten away with spending this counterfeit set of fifty dollars. In a video posted by Youtuber Descubre tu Mundo shows us how people are doing minor alterations to their 10 $ bills to make them look like 50 $.

At a first glance, we can see the number 50 printed on either side of the currency.

But now, as we rub on these numbers with the help of a cloth, it fades away to reveal. Even the holographic ink had been altered by the cons! But, we all know they cannot change the man in the picture. The 10 $ bill has Alexander Hamilton on it while the 50 $ has Civil War General Grant.

If all fails, just keep in your subconscious mind that US Grant and Hamilton aren’t even looking in the same direction! That will give you a head’s up!

Check out the video above!


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