Hero Diabetic Alert Dog Senses That His Little Girl Is Having A Dangerous Diabetic Attack From Over 5 Miles Away!

4-year-old Sadie, developed Type 1 Diabetes, at a very young age.  It is a disease that is hard to deal with, for adults, let alone for managing in young children who have difficulty comprehending what is happening to their bodies.  Strict dietary control and constant monitoring of blood sugars, can mean the difference between life and death.

Sadie’s parents made the decision to get her a ‘diabetic alert dog’, whom they named Hero, to aid in the monitoring of her blood sugar levels, so no severe change ever gets missed.  This gentle loving dog is trained, and has the ability to detect a dangerous blood sugar change through scent.  He is actually capable of letting her parents know whether it is too high or too low, by raising his right or left paw!

This ability, in and of itself is amazing, but the story you are about to hear in the video below, about Sadie and Hero is mind boggling.  Little Sadie was at school, more than 5 miles away from home and Hero, when the dog began to act up.  Atypical for his behavior, he began to whine relentlessly, until Sadie’s mom called the school to check on her condition.  She was told Sadie was fine, but what happened next…well, you let us know your thoughts are, after watching the footage below.

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