Hilarious Valentine’s Day Prank That’ll Make Your Day!


Jeana chooses to play an awful Valentine’s Day trap on her boyfriend Jesse who had officially nodded off. She fills her mouth with crisps/chips and water. Gross. She then creeps up to him over the bed wearing spike heels and acting truly hot. They start to kiss and after that you got it. She lets free with the liquified Cheezits everywhere all over! The thought was to trick Jesse into supposing he was going to “get a some”. He beyond any doubt did get somewhere in the range of, a face brimming with wiped out (crisps/chips and water) heaved over his face. He verges on hurling himself as he washes in the lavatory. She confesses all and lets him know it’s not by any stretch of the imagination hurl however that doesn’t generally appear to help much. He is pretty earned out.

“That is the thing that you get for nodding off on Valentine’s Day!” Ah-so THAT is the lesson of this story. Valentine’s Day might be the most sentimental day for couples all over yet for Jeana, it’s simply one more chance to trick long-term boyfriend Jesse. Really Funny.

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