His Kids Were Being Rude At Dinner Time… But Nobody Saw This “Punishment” Coming!

Dinner time is family time for a lot of people, but I think many of us would agree that this tradition isn’t quite what it used to be. We like to think of this time as an opportunity for family members to catch up and bond, but the reality is that everyone ends up using their phones and tablets at the table. “Technology has hijacked dinnertime” as eloquently put by Dolmio. Who’s Dolmio?

They’re the makers of Italian sauces, pasta, and ready-made dishes… and perhaps more importantly, they’re the folks who want to take back quality family time. And they have a very interesting way of doing it… Wow! Now that’s clever, and it’s no wonder that this video is spreading like wildfire and people are clamouring for this new pepper shaker! Make sure you share this with your family and friends (as either a solution to their problem, or a warning for guilty parties).

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