His Neighbours Were Furious When He Dug This Huge Hole. When They Saw Why… UNBELIEVABLE!


Okay, so I don’t actually know if his neighbours were mad, but if I saw my neighbour digging up a gigantic hole like this, my inner Cranky Old Lady would certainly get fired up. Regardless, you really need to see what one clever guy did with his backyard. Wayne Martin is a bit of a DIYer and one day he had a vision that involved a shipping container and a very large hole in his backyard. Wayne looked around on the internet and found a used shipping container for a few thousand dollars. After some careful planning, Wayne excavated his backyard and dropped the container into the fresh dug hole. Wayne then went about doing some additional construction, including adding supports, ventilation, a staircase, and pouring concrete, before becoming the proud new owner of an underground shelter! And what does he use it for? A wine cellar!