Horrifying Dash Cam Footage Captures The Moment A Car Accidentally Drove Off A Cliff

Our brains are constantly firing thoughts: What am I having for dinner? Did someone just text me? Are those boobs real? So it’s perfectly normal that every once in a while when we are driving we get distracted and unfocused on the task. Many of us have taken our eyes off the road at some point to skip to the next track or have a go at someone on the back seat, but have you ever become so distracted that you fly off a cliff? No me neither, this guy has though.

Last year James Shaw Jr. lost control of his car coming out of a tunnel in the mountains outside of Los Angeles. The footage was captured on his dashboard camera and recently posted to YouTube. Of course the video has gone suitably viral since its release.

Screen-Shot-2016-01-13-at-09.14.33The Californian driver was unbelievably lucky to escape with his life, he said:

“To put it simply, I was distracted at the one moment that requited 110 percent focus on an unfamiliar road. 

It happened so fast all I can remember is everything crashing and spinning. I was confident I was going to land upside down and get crushed, I was on the word’s worst roller caster that could only end with death, or so I thought.”


Pretty scary stuff right?

Luckily a drainage pipe stepped in to save the day. The pipe prevented the car from dropping any further down the hill, which could have potentially resulted in his death. You can watch the chaos unfold below. Listen out for the moment James shouts “oh no” as he tumbles over the cliff top. I can only imagine that this was the moment that he saw his life flash before his eyes and poop enter his pants.Screen-Shot-2016-01-13-at-09.11.25

That is it, I am never talking, switching radio station, or doing anything other than focusing on driving the next time I step foot in a car. I wouldn’t be surprised if this footage appeared in the next Bond film, that is some scary shit.

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