How clean are your hands? The answer may change how you wash them

We’ve all been taught to always wash our hands since we were little children – clean hands are a symbol of good hygiene. But even after washing your hands with soap and water, have you really gotten rid of all the germs and bacteria lurking on your fingers? The answers may be more surprising than you think.

Jennie Agg for the Daily Mail carried an experiment to test how thoroughly you should wash your hands to ensure they’re fully clean. She used a special gel which exposes germs as white under UV light. The whiter the hand, the more bacteria left after washing…

The Centres For Disease Control and Prevention in the U.S. suggests that 15 to 30 seconds is enough to remove harmful bacteria. But research shows that just 37 per cent of men and 61 per cent of women wash their hands after using the bathroom. 

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