If you try Burger King’s new black Whopper, be prepared for this side effect!

Burger King rolled out it’s new black Halloween Whopper this week much to the delight of fast food lovers nationwide. The special themed Whopper features the same classic ingredients set between two black buns. According to Burger King, the color comes from the A.1. sauce that is baked into the bun, which also gives it added flavor.

The chain had teased customers with brief promotional clips on social media proclaiming “something wicked is coming.” Something wicked has indeed come, but it’s not what anyone ever expected. It turns out that the black buns have a strange side effect and are turning people’s poop green. Customers are claiming that shortly after eating the Halloween Whoppers they noticed their poop was an odd, wickedly hued, bright green color. Several have joked that the burger chain should bring the black buns back for St. Patrick’s day and on Instagram the hash tag #greenpoop is trending. On Twitter people are even sharing bathroom pictures and one user said his poop was green for three days before it finally went away.

Most of the tweets and posts have been lighthearted and comical for the most part. Users are having fun with the whole thing and many are claiming that they want to try the Whopper and see for themselves the side effects. Others are upset and wondering what exactly is in the buns that is making their stool appear so unnatural and discolored. Burger King claims that the food coloring and flavors they used for the Halloween Whopper are “commonly used in the industry” and that the bun contains an amount of less than 1% food dye. According to the Mayo Clinic, bright green stool has been attributed to green food dye in the past. It seems to only be the color which is affected, not consistency, so perhaps it is due to the dyes used in the special buns. However, Burger King has yet to offer a definitive answer or explanation for the issue.

The chain has been selling “Samurai burgers” in Japan which feature black and red colored buns. However, those black buns are made with squid ink and bamboo charcoal, rather than the A.1. sauce used in the American version. As a point of comparison, there have been no reports out of Japan concerning the Samurai burgers turning poop green.

Consider yourself forewarned and eat the new Halloween Whoppers at your own risk. Unless, of course, you want lime green poop like many of those expressing exactly that aim or goal on social media!

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