Infamous Police Officer Calls Out Violent Gang Members In Badass Video Message

As one of America’s favourite policemen, Captain Higgins already has a pretty loyal following. For those of you who haven’t heard about this law enforcement maverick before however, here is a brief intro. A fan of making grandiose declarations against crime on television, he caught a couple of thieves that broke into a local family owned grocery store.

It’s safe to say that Higgins is the people’s policeman. Well now he’s been promoted, and he’s back bigger than ever before. After hearing that a violent gang have been causing trouble in his town, Higgins went to the next level and created an amazing video calling them out. Challenging the men to target him personally, Higgins is not afraid of backing up his talk with a really big gun.

Good news for all Higgins supporters is that most of the gang members have already been arrested, but there are still a few on the run. Thankfully with Captain Higgins around you can be sure they won’t evade capture for long.

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