Instagram can now join exlusive new social media that Costs $1,000 to join!

Don’t you hate it when poor people somehow manage to fool their Instagram followers into thinking they’re rich? Wish there was a way to out them? I mean, just because Becky is standing next to a Porsche doesn’t mean she actually owns that Porsche! It’s despicable amirite? Well I’ve got good news for you.

A new and super exclusive social media site has officially launched that only lets the creme de la creme of society join. And it you’ll freak when you hear how cheap it costs to join!

It’s no surprise that children of the insanely wealthy love to flaunt their wealth on any social media they can get their hands on. Unfortunately, us plebeians of the world love to live vicariously through their lavish lifestyle because we sadly understand we will never achieve such success.

We do this so much, there’s an extremely popular page on Instagram that features photos of the extremely rich. Apparently, that kind of notoriety is no longer enough. Too many “fakers” have allegedly made it on the page and that is not okay with the 1%.

These are the kinds of problems you deal with you are wealthy… mo money, mo problems.