iPhone 7 Will Have Dual Rear Cameras, One is Designed for Wide-Angle Shots

Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus will most likely have two rear cameras, thanks to the company’s acquisition of LinX – an Israel-based startup that was developing DSLR-quality, multi-camera modules – back in April 2015. The standard iPhone 7 will boast a one iSight camera, while the larger iPhone 7 Plus is going to be offered in 2 versions: single camera and dual-camera. These cameras will sport 12-megapixel sensors, with one dedicated to a wide-angle view, and the other, being a 2x-3x telephoto lens. Continue reading for more pictures of the sensors and information.

“Combining the views and capabilities of the two cameras could provide benefits for things like resolution, zoom, and depth of field. Mac Rumors reports that we may also see improved low-light performance, reduced noise, and 3D depth mapping,” reports PetaPixel.

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