It looks normal, but you won’t believe what happens when Waves crash on this Boardwalk

Ladies and gents if you’re planning on Eurotripping this year you may want to add another location to your list – Zadar. The city on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast is undoubtedly an intriguing city. However, it is not just its historic old towns made from Roman and Venetian ruins, medieval churches and cosmopolitan cafes that make it stand out from the crowd.

Unlike the other cities located on the Adriatic Sea, Zadar has a unique magical treat for those who take a stroll by its waters. If the blissful scenery isn’t enough to wet your appetite, then the melody that plays along the boardwalk may float your boat. With each ebb and flow of the waves a series of small holes and tubes make a melody.

Was that music to your ears? I’ve got to admit that I found the tune rather eery but it’s still pretty cool.