Wednesday , 26 April 2017

Kitty Sees Donald Trump On TV Apologizing. Then Proceeds To Throw a Hysterical Fit

Reading feline behavior can be quite tricky. Cat owners everywhere know how strange their fur babies can be and at times it’s really hard to decode their mysterious ways. However, there are also moments of lucidity and this cat is displaying clearness of thought and action!

His name is Hamlet the cat and there’s no doubt about it, he clearly dislikes Donald Trump. When Mr. Trump’s face appeared on Fox TV recently to apologize for his lewd remarks about women, Hamlet decided to use it as a scratch post! Something about it just set him off and the whole entire twenty one second video is him going to town on the laptop screen.

According to Hamlet’s owner, Susan Scoblink-O-Neill, her rescue kitty “loves the computer and is very interactive. He usually scratches the screen when there are bird or fish videos playing.” Even so, she added that “he hadn’t been doing that as much lately” until this Trump episode occurred. It turns out that Trump strikes a dissonant chord in not only people, but animals too.

Naturally, there are a range of remarks that such a cat video like this one has elicited in light of Trump’s own “pussy” related comments. His apology may have restored his supporter’s confidence in him, but this ginger kitty isn’t so ready and willing to turn a blind eye to the crude, offensive behavior. Hamlet is the latest in a series of cats who all appear to clearly feel the same way about the presidential candidate; they just don’t like him.

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