Wednesday , 26 April 2017

LeBron James Crashes into Jason Day’s Wife

LeBron James tumbled into the wife of star PGA Tour golfer Jason Day while chasing a loose ball Thursday night, causing her to be taken from the floor by stretcher and to a local hospital.

James, who is listed at 6-foot-8 and 250 pounds, crashed into Ellie Day, knocking her chair over and landing on her as he fell out of bounds with 5:00 left in the fourth quarter of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 104-100 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder. Play was halted with 3:07 left after Cleveland called a timeout, and James returned to the scene to check on Day.

Day was taken to a hospital for treatment. She was released early Friday morning, a spokeswoman said.

Jason Day’s agent later said in a statement that Ellie Day was suffering from concussion symptoms and resting comfortably. Bud Martin added that Ellie Day had no hard feelings toward James, quoting her as saying, “He was just doing his job. Go Cavs.”

Day was down for several minutes while she received medical attention, which included having a brace placed around her neck and head.

James said that when he checked on her she had squeezed his hand. He was told she was “doing great.”