Leonardo Dicaprio Cockblocked Justin Bieber During Dance Party

At last, someone has taken Justin Bieber down a peg.

Leonardo Dicaprio and Justin Bieber were some of the celebrities at Rihanna’s Met Gala after party. While Bieber  was jamming out to “Flicka Da Wrist” watch Leo slide in on the girl in front. Smooth and slick! 

The single 21-year-old Canadian star was clearly on the pull at Rhianna’s Met Ball after party and seemed to be having a good time dancing inches from a hot girl, when all of a sudden, who should swoop in, but none other than ladies man, Leonardo DiCaprio, 40. More unfortunately for the Biebs, the whole incident was captured on camera and posted to ‘pal’ Tyga’s SnapChat.

Oh, well, if anything he can play it back and take tips from the master. Better luck next time Justin. Speaking of which, another lady he also didn’t seem to have any luck with that night was ex Selena Gomez. In another video, he can be heart shouting out of a car window: ‘Selena looked gorgeous at the Met Ball.’

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