Lesbians touch a penis for the first time ever

Most men would be horrified at the thought of a woman giggling while she touched his penis – but one man was happy to volunteer for the job in a new video, and actually smiled right along with the three ladies who couldn’t keep their laughter under control as they fondled him.

That’s probably because there was nothing inherently sexual about the experiment, which saw three lesbians who’d never touched male genitalia before doing so for the first time. And to make matters all the more awkward, the build-up – were caught on camera for a funny new video shared by the lesbian singing duo BriaAndChrissy.

Bria Kam, one half of the singing group, was one of the volunteers who decided to get up close and personal with with a guy’s package for the first time, while the camera was rolling.  Her friend Aleks Malczewski, who is gay, offered to strip down and offer up his genitals for the recording.

On camera, he stands beside each of the women and takes off a pair of jeans to reveal red boxer briefs underneath, while the ladies all share how they’re feeling about the experiment.

‘I’m feeling very nervous,’ says a girl named Daylynn, who seems giddy with anxiety. ‘This is definitely the most nervous I’ve ever been,’ Bria agrees.

Finally, the moment of truth arrives as Aleks pulls down his boxer briefs. Bria reaches out gingerly to touch it and says with surprise: ‘Oh, it’s a lot softer than I thought it would be! It feels like Play-Doh that’s been warmed up.’ She also likens it to a noodle, clarifying unnecessarily that it’s ‘not like the noodle you play in the water with’, but rather ‘the noodle you get at an Italian restaurant’.

‘Alright,’ says Arielle, crouching down to get closer to it. ‘I notice that there’s a lot of hair going on, so that’s nice.’ Echoing Bria, she notes that Aleks’ penis is a lot harder than she expected, and adds that she didn’t think balls would be ‘that big’.

‘I’m shaking,’ says Daylynn as she reaches toward it, opening her mouth wide in surprise as she lays her hand on it.

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