Wednesday , 26 April 2017

Lingerie Fighting Championships slammed after release of promo video

The Lingerie Fighting Championships have been slammed by a leading women’s sport group ahead of its biggest event to date. The LFC, which is roughly based on UFC, pits scantily clad ladies against other in a sport that has become a social media sensation. But after the launch of a promotional video to publicise their Jekyll & Hyde showdown, the Women in Sport charity have slammed the sport.

clip-4‘What does it say about a sport if the women must be sexualised in order to complete?’ spokesperson Nicola Miller told  ‘In order to play sport on TV, these female athletes must be attractive and do it in provocative underwear. ‘Sadly, what is most damaging about this is positioning it as ‘sport’, as the organisers do. ‘They describe it as ‘martial arts’ but sexualising these women in a contact sport – and in a way that is not done to or expected of men – is nothing more than derogatory and sexist.

‘With women’s sport receiving less than 1% of all sponsorship and commercial investment and only 7% of all media coverage, we need to look at the message being sent.’ The Lingerie Fighting Championships have since inspired spin offs including The Lingerie World Cup which recently took place in Manchester.

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