Wednesday , 26 April 2017

Little Russian Girl Gets Upset, Threatens to Run Away to Africa (VIDEO)

A video of a little Russian girl having a major fit and threatening to run away to Africa, where she’d starve herself to death because her parents “always” discipline her for not behaving well went viral on the Internet with almost 1.5 million views.

After yet another argument with her dad, adorable Daniela Gareyeva got really upset and knew she’s had it enough. She decided that it was time for her to leave her parents’ house in Russia and travel to Africa, where she’d share the fate of poor African children and eventually perish from starvation.

In the four-and-a-half-minute long video, Daniela showed herself as a very smart child, with a big heart, who sincerely cares about the fate of other children around the world.4_29_2016_7_10_43_PM


At one point she got carried away from her initial thought and realized that she then wanted to travel to Lapland, so polar bears could eat her. In a dramatic fashion she pulled up her ski pants and started putting them on, while asking her dad to help her put on her suspenders.

“But you no longer need parents,” Daniela’s dad told the little girl.

Turned out she still needed her dad, at least while she was putting on her ski pants to stay warm in Lapland.


After some time, the girl and her dad made peace and Daniela ended up changing her mind about leaving her parents. Instead, her father promised that one day they would all travel to Africa and see that beautiful continent.

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