Love for Africa


South Africa & Swaziland 2015

  • My name is Luke Allan Traub. I’m 19 years young from Edmonton, Ablerta. I have to tell you I’m a city boy representing the Northside of course. That doesn’t mean however I don’t love adventure and going all over the place!!! Roughing it out in nature doesn’t bother me one bit.
  • Family, friends, and even strangers have shown me so much prayer, love and financial support. However some unexpected costs have popped up recently and I am reaching out for a need that I can’t fulfill while I’m in Minnesota during my lecture phase. This is something I’m learning to work on. I come from a culture that you work for every penny you earn and I need to swallow my pride because I know my God. I know my Father is blessing me and that he wants to use people like you out there to fulfill his promise of providing for my needs so I can show love across the nations! So I would ask that you would pray about supporting me and being a part of this amazing adventure.
  • I am passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. I’ve worked a lot of jobs that pay well. I could go into trades or business and do really well. That however does’t define success to me (Not that those things are bad at all). One of my prides and joys is my first ever tattoo. An hourglass with the world falling to the bottom has so much meaning and deep personal morals built into it. You get only one shot at living and I want to make it count, and I want to live everyday knowing that this world I’m living is in a little better shape then it was that morning. One person can make a difference and I want to connect with everyone so we all can achieve something that will be written in textbooks. Yeah I sound crazy, but if you don’t dream big what’s the point? I want to see people come to a personal relationship with God, I want to see children/orphans be saved from preventable disease and malnutrition, I want to reach teens who know the pain of self harm! I want to do so much, but at the end of the day it can be summed up in one word. LOVE! I want to love those who might not feel it, who might not know what that looks like. Those who feel forgotten and to let them know, NO YOU ARE LOVED!!!

Where your money is going Organizations

  • $1500-1800 Flights
  • $375 monthly costs (food, local transport, communications 


  • Children’s Cup (orphanage)
  • 10 000 Homes (Building homes for single parent households)

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Please share this with your friends and family, Share my page on Facebook please and let’s use the power of social Media.
  • You are my strongest support system

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