Man Lip Syncs His Heart Out During A 7-Hour Road Trip, But His Sister Will Have None of It!

Who doesn’t love a good singing/ lip syncing session during a long road trip?! The internet is flooded with videos and memes based on just that. The following video is a yet another lip-sync video, a recent one, that has still managed to go viral. Watching it will help you understand why.

Brian Anderson and his sister Ashley were on a 7-hour road trip, when Brian has decided to lip sync some of his favorite songs to pass the time. Lip syncing would probably be an understatement,in fact, as what he did would probably be closer to channeling the artists, as he lip synced his heart out.

His sister, however? Rolled her eyes time after time. The ending will leave you in stitches. If you enjoyed his lip syncing, then please SHARE it with your family and friends on Facebook, and also feel free to visit his Instagram page!