Meet The World’s First CoverBoy Who Became The Face Of CoverGirl

James Charles, a 17-year-old makeup artist from New York has already made a big name in the beauty industry. It was just a year ago when Charles tried experimenting makeup on himself and he ended up being a really famous makeup artist on Instagram. He has a following of over 400,000 followers and a YouTube account of more than 70,000 subscribers.

If you are following Charle’s on Instagram, his notifications will probably make you feel like you have a machine installed in your phone that won’t stop buzzing. He is flawless and we love him, racked up with beautiful, hilarious and relatable content.

another pic from today’s look 💞 were literally 6k away from 400??? holy crap I’m so excited wow?!!??!!??!?

Ein von JAMES CHARLES (@jamescharles) gepostetes Foto am

“I hope that as the first male CoverGirl that I am able to inspire others and give other people the confidence to try out makeup! Hey, if a random 17- year- old can do it, you DEFINITELY can too.”

Kudos to you, James Charles, you are living the dream of millions of girls who are still sitting in front of the Television screen scooping out ice- cream while watching America’s Next Top Model.

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