Photographer captures shots of Snake-Like lizard with small legs that was thought to be extinct!

A wildlife amateur photographer, Sjoerd van Berge Henegouwen, 48, was on vacation traveling in Masai Mara in Kenya.  He could sight of what he thought was a 20 inch snake on the side of the road, and was able to snap some pictures and video of it before it slithered back into the grasses.

After looking at his pictures carefully, the curious wildlife adventurer, did some research on the images he had captured.  Upon looking more closely at what he thought was a snake, he picked up on details that could only belong to a lizard.  This reptile had four tiny legs and a notched tongue that you will see in the following video.  These characteristics differentiated the creature as a lizard rather than a snake. This reclusive skink lizard was thought to be extinct!

The Dutch photographer couldn’t find pictures to compare it to, so he decided to post it on Facebook.  He was inundated with requests from wildlife experts who verified that, he had in fact, found the first living specimen in many many years, of a Western Serpentiform skink that had long been thought to be extinct.

This amazing and rare find is fascinating to view in the following footage.  The narration makes it all the more interesting. Please let us know what you think of this very important find of this really strange creature

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