Photographer removed Phones from these photos to Demonstrate how addicted we’ve become to them

As we hold our various devices in our hands..phones, tablets, laptops…we talk about how terrible it is that we are all so addicted, rarely looking up as we discuss.  “Pictures Speak Louder Than Words”, as you will see in the video below which compiles images of people in everyday life looking down at their devices.  Caught everywhere from bed to family dining room, we watch people in parallel isolation.

What is so dramatic about this startling video, is that the photographer Eric Pickersgill, asked the subjects in his photos to maintain their positions after he removed their device from their hands. The result is astoundingly sad. Pickersgill was struck by a family’s disconnection, sitting next to him in a cafe, when he began to process this project.  He was struck by how they barely talked as the two daughters and dad stared at their cell phones, and mom stared out the window with an aura of isolation and loneliness.  Interestingly, every now and then, the dad would look up to tell his family what he was viewing, and no one responded.  It was as if he was talking to himself!

This piece illuminates how sad the state of our communication is, as a result of our addiction to our devices.  It leads to the question of how this will ultimately impact our ability to be intimate and love to each other.   The pseudo friendships that have grown out of the dominance of technology in our lives, is the stuff of science fiction, but it is unfortunately our current reality.

The long term social impact for the millenniums is potentially devastating.  For those of us who once were actually present in our interactions, this incredible footage should be used as a launching point for greater consciousness about putting down our devices, turning them off and looking into each other’s  eyes again!  Life is short, and if we merely exist side by side rather than interacting in any meaningful way, we will have lost something so precious and key to our humanity.

Let us know what your thoughts and feelings are after viewing this powerful piece.  What do you think is the antidote to the dominance of our devices in our lives.  Do you see this as a societal problem that needs to be addressed?  Do you think this will impact the number of hours you are immersed in your devices?

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