Piko Taro Is Back With A New Song And This One’s Even Better

If you’re still unaware of this man and his story, then I am sorry to say that you’re not at all aware of what’s going on in the world and internet. It’s not a long time ago when the parties grooved with PSY’S Gangnam style, and now, the next big thing in Japan is Piko Taro.

DJ Piko Taro is a fictional character performed by Japanese entertainer Kazuhiko Kosaka. He first introduced this fictional character while he was still performing his stand-up comedy acts. Looking at its popularity, he went on to make Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen song, and he became an overnight successful YouTuber by uploading the video on YouTube.

Kazuhiko was famous in Japan for his stand-up comedy and comic timing, but his one song has made him successful and famous around the globe. No, I’m not mad. These are the lyrics of the song that the world is listening to now. After Gangnam style, this is another big thing that has come out on internet and YouTube. It has got more than 5 million views in 24 hours. Well, the song and the lyrics are nothing but nonsense, but it is created with such conviction and music, that you’ll be amazed and irritated at the same time while listening to it.

His first song on internet!

Pen-Apple-Pineapple-Pen! Did you love it? Want some more of it?  Listen to his another hit song ‘Neo Sunglasses’ above!

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