Wednesday , 26 April 2017

Pole Dancing Fitness – Best Workout Ever

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#1 Core Strength/WOW

Proper pole dancing is meant to improve the body’s strength through exercises such as climbs, spins, and body inversions. Upper body and core strength and endurance will develop naturally. It’s also sexy as hell.

#2 Circus Show

Pole dancing used to be part of traveling circus shows during the 1920’s. Eventually it moved from circuses to bars. Now…well now girls are just doing it for fun.

#3 Swimsuit Season

Pole dancing is a killer way to get in shape. It tones and stretches muscles, which will come in handy when everyone is staring.

#4 The Chinese Version of Pole Dancing

The Chinese pole is actually made of two poles. In the past, men would use these two poles to perform amazing leaps from pole to pole. We think she’s doing just fine with one pole.

#5 Flexible & Fun

Deeyyaammmnnn! This is one flexible girl! This form of fitness is both fun to do and watch. Well, it looks like it would be fun.

#6 800 Years of Hotness

Single pole exercise goes back at least 800 years. It’s linked to the Indian sport called mallakhamb. Listen, keep the beautiful women up and we’ll can call it whatever you want.

#7 Out of the Shadows, FINALLY!

Thankfully, the 90’s brought pole girls out of clubs and into gyms and Instagram accounts everywhere!

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